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1.) In this agreement the items (a) pictures includes a photograph, transperency, negative, artwork, painting, montage, drawing, engraving, or any other item which the agency may offer for the purpose of reproduction; (b) the agency is the supplier of the pictures; (c) reproduction includes any form of copying of the whole or part of the whole of any pictures wheter by printing, photography, slide projection (whether or not to any audience), xerography, artist's reference or illustration, layout or representation, electronical or mechanical reproduction or by any other means, are always owned by PHOTO PRESS SERVICE and are not for free of use. Each use of the pictures must be payed.


1.) All pictures are only given for a one time loan period. The supplied pictures are always in our own and may only used for editorial use, exept we agreed other use by a written permit. Reproduction rights (if and when granted) are strictly limited to the use period of time and/or territory specified on the agency's invoice and unless otherwise agreed in writing relate to a single publication in a single size with text (if any) in one language only. Rights granted to reproduce a picture on a product do not inculde the right to use that picture directly or indirectly in any manner in the advertising of the product unless such right is specifically granted. Reproduction rights granted are personal to the client and may not be assigned nor may any picture submitted to the client be loaned or transfered to third parties save for the purpose of the exercise by the client of such reproduction rights.

2.) We don't give rights to the use or take care of third parties requests especially of unauthorized use of pictures, like advertisment, public realation, Illustrations,..., written by the Austrian law of § 78 UrhG, 1041 ABGB.


1.) Each use of our photographic material shall be agreed before publication . The specific photocredit must be given to each published picture, otherwise we have the right to charge 200 % additionel to the regular price by the Austrian law of § 74, Abs. 3/UrhG. "Exclusive"-pictures have an additional fee of 100 Percent. Each user agrees to send two copies of his publications for our control. If there is only a digital use of our pictures the client must mail the url of his web-site, time and date of our pictures use within 14 days. This agreement shall be subject to and construed according to Austrian law and the parties agree to accept the exclusive jurisdication of the courts of Vienna. Vienna, January, 2004